Welcome to the website of the Municipal Sports and Recreation Centre in Radom Sp. o.o. devoted to the project “Improving the energy efficiency of the Sports Hall MOSiR Radom through comprehensive thermal modernization and installation of renewable energy.”

The project uses the subsidy to 80% of the eligible cost of the Project coming from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway within the framework of the EEA funds. The aim of the project is to improve energy efficiency through comprehensive thermal modernization of building a sports hall in Radom Street. Narutowicz 9. The overall objective of the project is to increase the energy efficiency of the building hall and increase energy from renewable sources.

Through the funds of the EEA and Norwegian funds, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway contribute to the reduction of social and economic inequality and strengthening bilateral relations with the beneficiary countries in Europe. The three countries are working closely with the EU on the basis of the Agreement on the European Economic Area (EEA Agreement).

In the period 2009 – 2014 the value of the funds of the EEA and Norwegian funds amounts to 1.79 billion euros. Norway provides around 97% of total funding. Funds are available for non-governmental organizations, research institutions and universities, the public sector and the private sector in the 12 newly admitted EU member states as well as Greece, Portugal and Spain. In this framework, there is extensive cooperation with entities of the donor countries, and projects can be implemented by 2016.

Key areas of support include environmental protection and climate change, research and scholarships, civil society, health care and support for children, gender equality, justice and cultural heritage.

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